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Recent advances in materials and electronic technology, combined with new demands from applications in the marketplace, has provided new opportunities for ElectroLuminescent (EL) lighting. Screen printed EL lamps can be made to any shape and size. They are robust, low-power and low-profile. They are considered a "cool" light source, generating up to 97% less heat than conventiobal light sources. The screen-printed technology has considerable design flexibility. It can be used to create large, uniformly lit areas or printed selectively to illuminate specific sections. EL lamps are used in illuminated watches, pages, security nightlight, signage and many backlighting applications.

Advantages Applications Colours

--- Light & thin
--- Design flexibility
--- Low-power consumption
     & low heat generation
--- Uniformly light

--- Backlighting for LCD panels
--- Backlighting for Automotive Trims
     & Interior Displays
--- Backlighting for Industrial Instrumentation
--- Decoratives Lighting & Signage Lighting
--- Safety Products with Flashing Luminous Light

--- White
--- Blue
--- Green
--- Blue-green

Maximum RatingApplied voltage
Operating frequency
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
300 V AC max
~2K Hz
-40 to 80 degree C
-40 to 85 degree C
Half life of Luminance115Vrms AC 400Hz 25C 100%RH3000 hours


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