Our Colour Center

  • Equipped with a computerized colour matching / mixing system linked to a spectrophotometer for shortening your product development cycle.

The Matching Process

  • Spectrophotometer scans the colour chip and assigns numerical values to its properties. Alternatively, if the numerical values from a compatible colour matching system is known, the data can be keyed-manually.
  • Computer processed the information and specify, by weight, the proportion of each primary colour pigment to use.
  • Ink paste mixed in accordance with the computer generated formula are used to prepare samples.
  • Spectrophotometer scansyour sample colour chips and compare against our sample the pigment and tinal qualities under 4 different light sources or a combination of these 4 light sources (ie. daylight, fluorescent, UV and artificial), and report a deviation, if any, on colour-match. If any deviation, a new composition is formulated, and the whole cycle is repeated again.

Advantages Of Godatech's Process

  • Digitally-accurate and repeatable colour composition under four different light sources or a combination of these light sources without colour shift.
  • Quick and accurate analysis of impact on colour caused by differing printing surface.
  • Date availability on colour's spectral curve - for example, particularly useful when specifying transmission, reflectance and peak wavelength of transparent inks and filters used to create LED display windows for best contrast enhancement.

Colours For your Approval

  • Provide us a colour chip (eg. painted metal, painted or dyed case material, etc) which is flat and at least 2 square cm in size.
  • We will revert with a colour swatch for your approval.

Name Plates (Plastic Materials)


The UL94 series of flammability test on plastic materials used as components (for example, in the form of Nameplate and Graphic Overlays) in electrical / electronics goods were designed to indicate the suitability of a particular material for a particular application given its observed flammability.

Rating by the UL94 series are as follows:-


  • Mounting of test materials - Horizontal
  • Results

Classifications 1

Classification 2


0.5 inch

0.5 inch


0.12 - 0.5 inch

<0.12 inch


<1.5 inches per minute

<3.0 inches per minute

Important Notice

Meterial which conform to a particular UL rating may not necessarily denote suitability for end-product applications as other features can reactively impair the level of safety contemplated by the UL94 Test Standards.

UL94-VO, UL94-VTM-O*, UL94V-1 & UL 94-V2

  • Mounting of test materials -Vertical
  • Subject to two repetitions of 30 seconds flame
  • Results




Burn with glowing combustion or flame

Drip of flaming particles









May drip flaming particles which burn only briefly

* Materials classified under UL94VTM-O are thin films that have a UL94V-O rating but are tested by rolling the film into a small diameter circle.

UL and most of the materials suppliers maintain a complete listing of UL94 classified materials.
Alternatively, contact our Sales Representative at Tel: (604) 489 1778 or Fax: (604) 489 1772 for assistance.

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